Value of Certification in the world of Cybersecurity

What Is The Value of Certification?

by | Feb 27, 2020 | Certification | 0 comments

Wondering if a certification has any value — read this.

There are many reasons to consider certification. Keeping training updated, regulation requirements, and increasing employee satisfaction and retention all factor in if you’re a manager or business owner.

As An Employer…

As an employer, it’s only going to get harder to find the employees you need in cybersecurity and IT areas. Job seekers have their choice of open doors and are being told to start asking potential employers about what professional development is offered as part of the job.

According to LinkedIn’s Workforce Learning Report, “93% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their careers.” And keeping an employee through upskilling or certification is far less costly than onboarding a new one — especially when “ongoing training is considered the most important decision-making factor by job seekers today.”

Helping your employees get certified saves the company both the time and money of finding a new employee to fill the gap. In choosing someone who already knows the company culture and is connected to the organization, one of the biggest risks of new hires is averted — a mismatch in culture.

Companies that invest in certifying and training their employees have a better reputation, better culture, as well as happier and more satisfied employees. “40 percent of dissatisfied employees leave their jobs, and each disengaged employee costs employers up to $550 a person annually.

Certifying employees not only retains them and engages them, it improves performance, helps plot career growth within the company (thus retaining in demand employees even longer), but also results in your company being more secure — and saving money.

As A Manager…

As a manager, consider what areas need greater depth or diversity, what skills would be needed, and who might be a good fit for upskilling and certification. Investing in employees is a great way to recognize and reward performance and to show team members they are valued.

As An Individual…

As an individual, certification increases your career options, job satisfaction, and paycheck. Talking to a manager about an interest in growing with the company, taking on greater responsibilities, and learning needed skills that will benefit and strengthen the company is a great way to secure an investment in your future.

Changing careers? If you’re just starting, choose a certification that will get your foot in the door. Industry certifications are often a basic requirement for even being considered for a cybersecurity job.


Finding courses that fit the company’s time and budget constraints will go far for both individuals and managers who have to run the request up the ladder. Anticipate the objections by preparing with information about the company’s needs, what the new skillset will provide, and how the investment in certification will generate a return to the company.

Certifications are a win for everyone — company, leadership, employee, and customer. So — what certification does your team need to be more secure and successful?