University of Miami and IT Training Solutions Launch 125 New Virtual Technology Courses in Continuing Education

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University of Miami Division of Continuing and International Education has recently expanded their online and e-learning course offerings. The expansion focuses on information technology certifications and workforce development courses.

Many courses have a focus on cyber security, a rapidly growing field in size and importance. Workforce development courses such as Microsoft office and social media marketing are also available.

The courses themselves are fluid, not static. The content is continually being updated to stay current with the trends and new developments in the industry.

 University of Miami has contracted with IT Training Solutions (ITTS) to provide these 125 technology virtual courses to enhance their online Division of Continuing and International Education.

World education is shifting to a new model. Online and e-learning are revolutionizing the face of education. Online interactive self-paced e-learning is growing and changing how students learn. The number and variety of courses is exploding; as the courses are no longer just supplemental but can result in certifications and degrees.

Courses are used by students in a campus setting, individuals seeking personal growth and businesses. Employers see a way to enhance worker skills for their full-time employees. The rapid change of technology requires employees in some fields to be continuously training and e-learning makes that viable.

Virtual courses provide benefit for those at all levels of proficiency by improving skills that could result in acquiring a new position, career advancement, increased compensation, or greater satisfaction reflecting enhanced competence in performing their job. The organization they serve benefits from the increase in knowledge and skills. Often employers will pay for these courses.

IBM released a report indicating that when e-learning tools are used by companies there is a potential to boost productivity by up to 50%. They found for every one dollar spent by a company in e-learning, there is an estimated increase of productivity worth up to $30.

IT Training Solutions specializes in consulting and training in the IT world with a core focus in cyber security. “We have a wide range of services and courses that help organizations of any size become more efficient, secure and effective,” stated CEO, Heather Stratford. “With the top industry experts in the IT field, IT Training Solutions can help any IT department.”

“A recent study found that career development is the number one factor in employee retention,” said Stratford. “Another study found that fifty per cent of companies have been breached in the last 12 months,” Stratford continued. “These statistics indicate that there needs to be more IT training–especially in the area of cyber security. We are delighted to partner with University of Miami to augment their catalog of virtual courses.”

Most of the courses provided by ITTS are technical or geared toward workforce development. The user-friendly courses are led by expert instructors and have engaging study guides, interactive games, and flashcards. The modular format and mobile device accessibility allows for an easy “start and stop” to fit into any busy schedule. Many courses have live lab areas to practice the material that has been learned.

Courses range from basic Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel to high end Certified Ethical Hacker and CISSP certification for those in the rapidly growing and lucrative field of cyber security. Course areas include: Cyber security, Applications Development, Microsoft Office, MS Server and OS, Virtualization and Cloud, Database Administration, Citrix, CISCO, Project Management, Social Media, and CompTIA.

The demand for cyber security professionals is accelerating. By 2019 there will be a global shortage of 2 million cyber security professionals according to ISACA.

Whatever e-learning course you choose, you will be part of a growing sector of society that learns on their own time schedule. Learn when, where, and what you want.

For more information and registration go to the University of Miami’s Division of Continuing and International Education website.