Tableau Classes offered at UCONN’s School of Business

by | Nov 9, 2017 | Data Visualization | 0 comments

UCONN’s School of Business, Connecticut Informational Technology Institute and Stronger International have partnered to bring together top leaders and experts on data visualization. Come hear perspectives from academia, consulting, software, and other industries as we delve into analytics, interactive dashboards, Tableau and best practices for delivery across various sectors and roles.



Whether Fortune 500 or small businesses, data visualization is fast becoming a pervasive part of corporate culture, and a driver to deliver value through efficient operations and previously undiscovered insights. Our series on data visualization has included free webinars and a panel discussion leading up to these three levels of Tableau training courses in November-December.



As you may already know, Tableau is the industry-leading analytics, business intelligence and visualization platform which connects to numerous data sources. Tableau empowers users to both ask more meaningful questions about their data, and deliver more actionable information in a visually engaging and impactful way. Little or no spreadsheet experience required for the introductory class, see more details on the intermediate and advanced classes at the following link. Also, custom corporate training is available (on-site, hosted at UConn or Online) — reach out to Deb McFadden of Stronger International:


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