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Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Cybersecurity Training

by | Feb 8, 2016 | Cyberattack, IT Security, Training | 0 comments

Here are the top 5 reasons you should invest budget into training this year.

1. Training increases employee retention


Investing cybersecurity training time in appropriate employees and departments will increase moral and develop a greater sense of self-worth in employees as they become more valuable to the company. Many companies fear that if they spend time and money on employee training and development, the employee will take those newly acquired skills elsewhere. However, training actually can increase employee retention, when the training reinforces the value of the employee. Not to mention the byproduct of increased employee productivity.


“The only thing worse than training employees and losing them is to not train them and keep them.” – Zig Ziglar


2. Small to medium size companies are at the highest risk


Big data breaches speckle the news and headlines each week. It’s almost become old news that significant breaches are happening weekly. Home Depot and Target are great examples of large company breaches. But what about the little guys? “We are absolutely facing an epidemic of attacks on our nation’s infrastructure and attempts to gain access to information,” said Jason Oxman, Chief Executive of the Electronic Transactions Association. “But smaller merchants tend to be easier and more attractive targets for cyber criminals.” There is also the question of medical information breaches – one medical record will net a hacker more than twice the value of a credit card record on the black market.


3. You’ll spend more than you think to fix a breach


How is your network set up? Is it a virtual or physical network? Did you know a virtual breach will cost a company double what a physical breach will cost a company? A survey released recently by Kaspersky Lab, titled “Security of Virtual Infrastructure,” found that, on average, small and medium-sized business (SMBs) will spend roughly $73,000 on recovery costs of a security breach on a virtual network, compared with $34,000 when the breach occurs on non-virtualized infrastructure.


4. Cybersecurity is continually evolving, Hackers find new ways to attack daily


Currently, there are more IT jobs now than qualified candidates to fill those jobs. One of the main reasons is that Cybersecurity training is an uphill battle. The more we beef up security, the more creative the hackers have to be to evolve and overcome security measures. With more BYOD policies being implemented due to the growing number of mobile devices used at work, the more holes there are for hackers to infiltrate. “The demand for the Cybersecurity workforce is expected to rise to 6 million (globally) by 2019, with a projected shortfall of 1.5 million [workers],” stated Michael Brown, CEO at Symantec, the world’s largest security software vendor.


5. Your employees are your weakest link


How many times has your office staff received a phishing email and opened it, allowing a hacker to get into your system? IT staff know what to look for, but what about other end-users on the network? Every organization needs to implement security overview training. IT Training Solutions has developed a virtual training that every employee should take advantage of, no matter how technical. From the office manager, to the person connecting their iPhone to your wi-fi, everyone needs to be aware of the security risks.