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April 24th is Stronger CEO’s BrightTalk on Creating a Cybersecurity Culture

by | Apr 13, 2018 | Women in Cybersecurity | 0 comments

Creating a Cybersecurity Culture


Please join Heather Stratford, CEO of Stronger International, on April 24th at 2p Pacific. To register, click here or visit


For the last 2 decades, technology security was delegated to the IT team. It was role-specific and designated for one small subsection of the IT team. That mentality and way of thinking must change.


A paradigm shift is required for the whole organization. Every part of the organization contributes to the success or failure of the organization. Creating a security culture is not a one time event, it is a new way of talking and acting.


Join this webinar with Heather Stratford, CEO of to:
– Understand the steps that need to happen to create this culture
– See where your organization is on the scale of creating a Strong Security Culture
– Learn why creating a security minded culture is an essential part of the “new” requirements for a CIO.