This is who we are. This is what we do.


Stronger International began in 2006 as IT Training Solutions. The company was founded to satisfy a growing need for corporate IT training. The company adapted to meet the new and unprecedented demand for security awareness and cybercrime prevention. In 2015, the headquarters shifted from Salt Lake City, UT to Spokane, WA.

Under the leadership of Founder and CEO, Heather Stratford, Stronger has grown quickly into a global company. Stronger International is an internationally respected provider of sensitive high-risk cybersecurity consulting, corporate training, and cloud-based educational programs for corporations, educational institutions, and both government and military organizations.


Stronger International provides high-quality, customized, information technology training, and services worldwide. Through partnering with our clients, we empower organizations to create stronger, more efficient, and more secure cultures.


Stronger has the technical expertise to meet any organization’s growing need for security and privacy. With more consulting service specialties and training programs than ever before, Stronger has the tools to help your organization.

Does your organization face changes in regulations?

This trend will only continue as more legislation is developed. Stronger has expertise in PCI, HIPAA, NIST, ISO27001, GDPR, CCPA, and many more. These regulations are all about good data hygiene, which is at the core of a sound cyber policy.

Do you need more internal cyber skills and technical expertise to stay relevant in your industry and out position your competitors?

Stronger provides over 500 different courses in IT and security to help an organization stay current and become “Stronger”. These courses are provided in a wide range of formats to fit the needs of each learner.

As the cybersecurity landscape becomes more complicated and cyber-attacks increase, would your company benefit from extra help?

Whether your company needs a little extra protection or someone else take over and free up employees for other tasks, Stronger has what you need to keep your company more secure. One of our newest public offerings is a collection of cyber services to help organizations of all sizes with their firewall, endpoint and perimeter protection. Companies trust Stronger to help them protect their organizations. Let us help you enhance your ability to defend against attacks and prevent costly breaches.

With such critical systems and sensitive data, it’s crucial to work with someone you can depend on. A broad range of government and commercial clients trust Stronger to assess and test their IT, manufacturing, and industrial systems. Stronger’s Industrial Control System (ICS) testing was forged in government security teams, where Stronger staff performed similar testing, exploitation, and defense of government ICS and SCADA assets. Additionally, Stronger currently provides cyber ranges for the US government identifying vulnerabilities in industrial and mission-critical systems.

Migrating Data?

Stronger has expertise in cybersecurity that is a critical component to many migration and data projects. The company is involved in the private and government sectors in large data storage, cloud, and migration projects that require a broad range of skills to execute effectively. We have partnered with colleges, universities, local governments, state governments, and hold a Federal GSA contract.