IT Services and Consulting

Compliance, data migration, cloud services, data visualization, and training are all part of today’s business needs.


Compliance, data migration, cloud services, data visualization, and training are all part of today’s business needs. They’re also areas that improve the efficiency and competitiveness of an organization. Stronger provides a wide range of IT services that dovetail with cybersecurity to help organizations save money as well as be more secure.

Main Consulting Service areas:

  • Privacy and Security Compliance
  • Data Visualization
  • Custom Training
  • Data Migration and Cloud services

What business problems would you like us to solve?

The following are examples of IT Consulting projects Stronger has performed in the past. Do these situations sound familiar or reflect similar needs in your organization?

Example: Overtime Expenditures (Mid-sized City)

Data visualization problem for a mid-sized city. In order to regulate their costs, the client needed to better understand overtime for police and emergency services. Before being able to visualize the problem, they were spending millions of dollars unnecessarily. Pulling together data from different systems, the managers could see the information necessary to regulate employee allocation and clearly see the impact of overtime. The result empowered the managers and saved the client millions in unnecessary future overtime costs.

Example: Training Continuity (University System)

The client is a university with over 20 departments that have suffered from compartmentalization within the university system.  All the departments went to training individually. By creating a unified system of training, the university better cultivates their employees, brings higher quality, better targeted trainings to campus, and involves all levels of decision making in the betterment of the university.

Example: Data Migration (Financial Institution)

A financial institution was looking to better understand where all the private data for their clients was located. To better comply with regulations and data privacy trends, we simplified their backup locations and increased migration of data to the cloud. This involved navigating security and compliance issues, as well as cleaning up the data ownership and tracking data locations. Having a better understanding of where their data was and how to manage it allowed this organization to respond more easily to changes in privacy legislation, made them more efficient, and saved them money in the long run.