Make your next speaking event Stronger

Titles of Keynote Speeches:


Cybersecurity Tsunami: The risk to companies and organizations is on the rise.          The Tsunami will catch many unprepared.


Women in Technology: Less than 15% of the cybersecurity workforce is female. How to attract, retain, and encourage all types of diversity to help solve IT issues. 

Creating a Cyber Culture: How an organization can make a paradigm shift and include cybersecurity in their culture


Cybersecurity and Privacy: Privacy is colliding with cyber trends. There are new regulations and risks to be aware of.


Failing Forward: Failing is not bad. See failure in a different light. The entrepreneurial path is full of failed attempts before success.

Artificial Intelligence: Machine learning is changing the way we view technology and how we will do business in the future. 


Speakers include:

Heather Stratford

Mario DiNitalie

Deb McFadden

Jamison Davis

Christina Lowe

Dean Pompilio