EC-Council Certifications

Cyber Security Certifications

EC-Council is one the world’s largest cybersecurity certification bodies. There are over 40 certification tracts with the flagship certification being CEH – Certified Ethical Hacker. EC-Council certifications are currently held in 145 countries and have a wide reach across the technical world, with more than half of their certifications awarded outside North America.

Over 300,000 professionals hold EC-Council certifications

EC-Council certifications are a standard for NSA and the DoD

EC-Council training was delivered to the US Pentagon for cybersecurity requirements

Accredited by NSA’s CNSS 4011-4016

Approved by Homeland Security’s National Initiative for Cyber Security Careers and Studies (NICCS)


Levels of Certification

From Entry-Level to Senior Security Forensics

If your ultimate goal is ethical hacking, you'll need to acquire the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), a core certification to prepare candidates to advance to more specialized credentials. There are several levels of certifications: Fundamental, Intermediate, Advanced, Specialist, and Expert.


Mile2 Certifications

Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing, Secure Coding, Web Application Testing, Incident Handling, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity.

Having provided services to military, government, private sector and educational institutions, Mile2 has the experience to work in all sectors. The FBI has classified many Mile2 certifications as Tier 1 certifications for their agents to meet their cyber security background requirements.

Mile2 Certifications

Mile2 certification courses teach the fundamental and advanced principles of cyber security and follows a course/certification track that leads to advanced hands-on skills training for penetration testing, disaster recovery, incident handling and network forensics. Mile2 also provides Information Assurance services that meet military, government, private sector and institutional specifications.

Mile2 is known for their robust list of cyber security certifications for prominent global organizations such as:

C)ISSO Certified Information Systems Security Officer
C)PTE Certified Penetration Testing Engineer
C)PTC Certified Penetration Testing Consultant
C)DRE Certified Disaster Recovery Engineer
C)DFE Certified Digital Forensics Examiner
C)NFE Certified Network Forensics Examiner
C)SWAE Certified Secure Web Applications Engineer
C)IHE Certified Incident Handling Engineer
C)WSE Certified Wireless Security Engineer
C)SS Certified Security Sentinel
C)VA Certified Vulnerability Assessor
C)SLO Certified Security Leadership Officer
C)PEH Certified Professional Ethical Hacker
C)ISSM Certified Information Systems Security Manager
C)ISSA Certified Information Systems Security Auditor

C)ISRM Certified Information Systems Risk Manager
C)SP  Certified Security Principles
C)SAP Certified Security Awareness Principles
C)VE  Certified Virtualization Engineer
C)VSE Certified Virtualization Security Engineer
C)CSC Certified Cloud Security Consultant
C)VDE Certified Virtual Desktop Engineer
C)ISS  Certified IPv6 Security Specialist
C)VFE Certified Virtualization Forensics Examiner
C)PCE Certified PowerCLI Engineer
C)VP   Certified Virtualization Principles
C)CSO Certified Cloud Security Officer
C)ISMS-LA Certified Info Security Mgmt Systems Lead Auditor
C)ISMS-LI Certified Info Security Mgmt Systems Lead Implementer
ISCAP Info Systems Certification and Accreditation Professional

Certification Track