Virtualization and Private Cloud Security

Length: 5 days

Audience: Security Administrators and Engineers, Pen Testers, Virtualization/Cloud Administrators, and Engineers, System Engineers and Administrators

We are well aware that virtualization has been widely implemented, however, there are questions regarding adequate considerations for security threats, known or perceived. It appears that many organizations rest on superior security at the physical layer for a secure virtual layer. This is due in part to an organization that is not aware of the risks associated specifically with the virtual layer or individuals that lack the knowledge to implement adequate security measures. This course changes everything.

This course covers all known and many perceived risks, demonstrates how to hack some of those risks and covers the best hardening practices known today. It covers many technologies related to the VMware vCloud Suite so that you know what you can and cannot do with the software as well as what needs to be added to your security posture to ensure a secure private cloud.

Technology discussed includes vCloud Suite 5.5, vSphere 5.5, vCAC 5.5, vCOps 5.5, vCloud Networking and Security 5.5. All previous 5.x versions discussed.


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