Professional Scrum Developer

Length: 3 days

Audience: This course is suitable for any member of a Scrum Development Team, such as those who develop tests, architecture, design, schema, or code. Entire teams are encouraged to attend this course and experience the positive effects of collaborating inside of a timebox according to their definition of done. Each team must be cross-functional, ensuring it has the necessary skills. Product Owners, Scrum Masters, stakeholders, and those evaluating Scrum’s effectiveness are welcome to attend, but they will be expected to participate and collaborate equally, working towards the achievement of their team’s goals.

The Professional Scrum Developer course is a unique and intensive three-day course designed for people in software development. The course helps teams develop and expand their tools to achieve higher productivity, responsiveness and contentment.

You will experience real team-based iterative development of software under the guidance of a Product Owner. You’ll get exposure to how to do the necessary and desirable practices, and some experience doing them. The primary benefit of this course will be the learning. Scrum will help each team turn product requirements into business value in the form of potentially releasable increments of software. This course is a mix of lecture, demonstration, group discussion, and hands-on software development.

This Scrum course is a mix of lecture, demonstration, group discussion, and hands-on software development. The true value of the course is realized as each student collaborates with other team members, on a case study product, using a shared instance of Team Foundation Server 2013 or Visual Studio Online, over several mini-Sprints.


No classes are currently scheduled. If you would like to inquire about setting up a class please contact us with your detials.

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