Prime Data Center Network Management for Storage v7.2

Length: 2 day

Cisco Prime Data Center Manager is the single pane of glass solution for the Nexus data center solution for both Local Area Network and Storage Area Network management and configuration. The course will cover the implementation of Cisco DCNM-SAN to enable the student to configure, monitor, and troubleshoot the data center Storage Area Network infrastructure. It provides an explanation of the Local Area Network and Storage Area Network control of the unified data center so that the attendee can optimize the data center to meet service-level agreements. The course will provide a hands-on experience, focused on how to install and use DCNM-SAN, discover data center resources, use diagnostics tools to troubleshoot the network, monitor the events, resource management and provisioning tools and templates to configure the network. Lab activity will provide for installation of the DCNM-SAN Clients, Web Client SAN Client and Device Manager and that DCNM-SAN delivers the expected visibility and benefits based on DCNM version 7.2(3).


Price Start Day End Day Days Time
$3695.00 Nov 21st, 2017 Nov 22nd, 2017 2 9:00 AM MT Register
$3695.00 Sep 4th, 2017 Sep 5th, 2017 2 9:00 AM MT Register
$3695.00 Sep 7th, 2017 Sep 8th, 2017 2 9:00 AM MT Register
$3695.00 Sep 18th, 2017 Sep 22nd, 2017 5 9:00 AM MT Register
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$3695.00 Dec 11th, 2017 Dec 15th, 2017 5 9:00 AM MT Register

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