Implementing Cisco MPLS

Length: 5 day

Audience: This course is intended primarily for network administrators, network engineers, network managers and systems engineers who would like to implement MPLS and MPLS Traffic Engineering. The secondary audience for this course is as follows: This course is intended for network designers and project managers. The course is also recommended to all individuals preparing for MPLS exam.

The Implementing Cisco MPLS (MPLS) v3.0 is a five-day course that is designed to help students prepare for MPLS exam. This update to the course reflects the most-recent developments in network design and technologies, using real-world scenarios to help reinforce the learning of key objectives.

Enterprises and service providers face many challenges in terms of customer demand, including an ongoing need for value-added services. Conventional IP packet forwarding has several limitations, and more and more enterprise and service providers realize that something else is needed. Not only they must be concerned with protecting their existing infrastructure, but they must also find ways to generate new services that are not currently supportable using existing technologies.

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a high-performance method for forwarding packets through a network. MPLS enables routers at the edge of a network to apply simple labels to packets. This practice allows the edge devices to switch packets according to labels, with minimal lookup overhead. MPLS integrates the performance and traffic-management capabilities of data link Layer 2 with the scalability and flexibility of network Layer 3 routing. When used in conjunction with other standard technologies, MPLS gives the ability to support value-added features.


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