Hacking and Hardening Web Apps for Developers

Length: 5 days

Audience: Programmers, developers, project managers, network architects, executive management, anyone responsible for handling important and secure data. The ideal participant should have a development background, coding or architecting background either currently or previously.

A well thought out course designed with the average security unaware programmer in mind. Your developers will be astonished at the things they do every day that turn out to have security flaws in them. To drive the point home, the course is designed with more than 50% involving hands-on coding labs.

It has been proven that for every record compromised it can cost a company well over a $1000 in costs to repair per record. Not only does a break in cost money, it costs your company's reputation. This can be not only a job limiting oversight but a career limiting one as well. This course is taught as a language agnostic course providing both the developer as well as management types to be exposed to how their own web site/web app could be compromised. The developer must plug all the holes and keep up to date with the latest threats. This is a job for both the developer and security department.


No classes are currently scheduled. If you would like to inquire about setting up a class please contact us with your detials.