Certified Virtualization Forensics Examiner

Length: 5 day

Audience: Virtual infrastructure specialists(Architects, engineers,Administrators), Forensic investigators Forensic investigator

This course takes two enormously challenging areas facing IT security professionals today: incidence response and virtualization and attempts to meld these together. Forensics is at the heart of incidence response, and therefore this training will focus on how to gather evidence relating to an incident – the what, when, where, who and why of anincident – within today’s common virtual
environments. Additionally, the course will take a deep dive into the virtual infrastructure, and contrast the various virtual entities against their physical counterparts. This will allow a clear demonstration of the forensically-relevant differences between the virtual and physical environments. The course uses a lab-centric, scenario-based approach to demonstrate how to forensically examine relevant components of a virtual infrastructure for specific use cases.


Price Start Day End Day Days Time
$3500.00 Oct 23rd, 2017 Oct 27th, 2017 5 9 a.m - 5 p.m. EST Register