Mario DiNatale

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Mario DiNatale’s Bio

Born to blue collar, immigrant parents in a suburb of New Haven, CT, legend has it that Mario was born with screwdriver in his hand and started voiding warranties shortly thereafter. After being raised on a steady diet of New Haven Pizza and hacker conventions, he decided to pursue a degree in computer science (much to his parent’s apprehension). On the day he left for college, his father told him that he didn’t know if there was any money in “computers”, handed him a shovel and told him that if that whole “computer thing” didn’t pan out, this shovel would still be here waiting for him.


Mario DiNatale then went on to garner a reputation as one of today’s most prolific technology visionaries, while simultaneously distinguishing himself as a charismatic and versatile executive in a variety of roles and projects.


Mario is currently the CTO of Kybersec, prior to which he was the CIO of Hamden, Connecticut and Spectrum Virtual. Mario also acts as a mentor and adviser to a variety of startups, including the Google Incubator startup Kricket. Even while acting in an executive capacity, Mario still remains regularly engaged as a trusted penetration tester to many Hedge Funds and the Fortune 50, as well as an ad-hoc member to numerous elite cybersecurity “red-teams” when called upon.
With his recent involvement in the takedown of the Teslacrypt Ransomware ring, he has further cemented his position as one of the world’s foremost cybersecurity researchers and continues to act as a cybersecurity adviser to a multitude of Law Enforcement and Intelligence Organizations.


Spare time activities include Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu, building Lego sets with his daughters, and reading books on Astronomy… And he still has that shovel his father handed him all those years ago.

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Mario DiNatale’s Speaking Topics Include:

Future of Enterprise Security Architecture

Threat Modeling and Identifying Unknown Risks

Advanced Corporate Espionage and Economic Cyberwar

Identifying Conventional vs Nation State Level Cyber Tactics



Social Engineering

Topical Hacking Events in the News

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