No matter how secure you think your organization is,
you can always get Stronger.

When it comes to protecting your company’s data and your customers identities from phishing, ransomware and other forms of cybercrime, there’s no such thing as safe enough. Stronger International’s consulting and training programs can help safeguard your company’s most precious asset, your reputation. In a world where identity fraud occurs every two seconds, it’s not a question of if you will be attacked, only when. Remember, risking your data is risking your business. Our security awareness course offerings include onsite, live-remote, and computer-based training options. We also provide risk assessment consulting, security planning, and vulnerability testing at the department, division or enterprise level. Beyond Security Awareness Training we offer a full range of compliance requirement training including HIPAA, PCI, and GLBA. Get trained and get Stronger.

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Make your next speaking event Stronger

With cybercrime in every day’s headlines, can your next speaking event benefit from the deep IT security knowledge and expertise of our speaker’s bureau? Stronger International’s leadership team, faculty and board members are frequently requested speakers at trade shows, conferences and private meetings sponsored by major companies and non-profits. Our Speakers Bureau offers a variety of executive briefings, lunch-and-learns, keynotes and panel discussions. Our speakers add instant credibility and authority to your event and can cover the most talked about subjects in IT security today – state sponsored cybercrime, cyberterrorism, ransomware, phishing and other forms of attacks.

Ransomware: How it is Changing your World

Ransomware Fundamentals: What Every Business Person Needs to Know

Security Awareness Training: The Latest Trends

Cyber Security Essentials: What Every Organization Needs to Know

Cyber Security: Workforce Development

Global Cyber Security: Current Perspectives

Women in Cyber Security: Breaking Barriers and Creating Environments for Change

Women in IT Leadership

The Socioeconomic Technology Divide

Generational Impact on Security Training for the Workforce

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Few speakers can captivate and hold an audience’s attention better than Stronger International, Inc. founder and CEO Heather Stratford.  Her compelling one-on-one style strengthens her message in business leadership, cyber security and women in technology.   Throughout her business career she has counseled others to learn, grow and become empowered to create better work environments and stronger business cultures world-wide.


Heather has worked in both Business-to-Business markets and Business-to-Consumer.  She specializes in start-ups and young organizations, having launched two of her own international companies, Moxie Marketing and Stronger International, Inc. Her educational background includes an MBA in International Management from Thunderbird School of Global Management and a BA in Communications and International Relations from Brigham Young University. Heather has lead teams in technology her whole career. She now specializes in Cyber Security and the impact it has on businesses of all sizes.

Hassan F. Abdallah is a proven and recognized professional in the field of organizational compliance with extensive experience in designing and managing compliance based solution systems and trainings within the U.S. and globally. Throughout his career he has counseled teams to understand compliance and regulatory based laws and regulations through a strategic and analytical view. He has had great success in implementing solution and growth based compliance strategies to businesses and organizations in highly-regulated industries.


Hassan has developed a niche understanding of applying often complicated and burdensome legal language to specific individual roles within various organizations. By understanding the roles, strategies and goals of these organizations, he has developed a proven skill set that allows him to articulate specifically catered compliance and regulatory based solutions for clients that allow them to retain compliance controls and keep their company’s strategic goals intact.


In his role as Director of Compliance, he has advised a wide spectrum of private, public, governmental, academic, and non-profit entities. Hassan’s extensive experience in the fields of regulatory law, contract law, administrative law, corporate securities, banking law, and compliance management has lead him to being an accountable asset for various entities in often complicated roles. He now specializes in developing, maintaining, and testing specialized compliance based trainings, audits, and management systems for businesses of all sizes.


Hassan received a dual Bachelors Degree in Economics and Finance from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan and also completed his Juris Doctorate from the Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Lansing, Michigan. He graduated with honors from both institutions.


Hassan has a vetted background in speaking engagements, trainings, and strategic compliance consulting in the following areas:

  • GLBA
  • CFPB Regulations
  • FDIC Regulations
  • FFIEC Regulations
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • PCI Compliance
  • Sarbanes-Oxly Act Compliance
  • FERPA Compliance
  • Risk-Assessment Consulting
  • Internal Audits
  • Vendor Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Real Estate and Mortgage Law
  • Municipality Governance