Crisis Intervention

When hours count

Cyber Emergency Defense Strategies

When the unthinkable happens, you need to act fast and have a well-defined plan for cyber crime crisis management. Stronger International offers discreet and professional crisis remediation by an expert senior team who can travel within 24 hours to any site around the world and render essential aid working with your IT department and appropriate/involved agencies (FBI, NSA, ATF, DoD) to quickly identify the vital facts – what happened, how it happened, who the incident affected and what needs to be done to quickly and seamlessly secure the organization. 

Of course, the best defense is a robust cyber crime prevention strategy and that’s where our consulting organization can help you plan-to-prevent. Don’t wait till after you’ve lost data, asset value and reputation to put a plan in place.

Find The Source

Discover the cause of the breach before you take steps to attack it.

Establish A Team

Putting together the right team to handle the breach is critical to a successful outcome.

Inform Stakeholders

Internal communications are key - make sure the appropriate people are informed.

Use forensics to analyze traffic and determine the root cause of an event, removing guesswork and problem reproduction from the equation. Effective forensics provides:

Data Capture

Network Recording

Search and Inspection


Consider bringing in a third-party that specializes in incident response and gap analysis. By bringing in an unbiased, third-party specialist, you can discover exactly what has been accessed and compromised without internal bias.

Internal communications include informing employees and involving everyone able to help. Once the internal stakeholders are all involved craft the message and information for External Communications. This could include direct mailing to clients, official media releases, and interviews to the media.