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Join us for Secure Programming: Developing Defensible Web Apps at both the BYU Provo Campus and BYU Salt Lake Center. This language agnostic course is rich in hands-on labs, giving developers the tools to be a part of creating a paradigm shift toward stronger cyber security organization-wide.  Both courses will have live-remote capability, so if you are unable to make it to either campus, please ask about attending remotely.

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BYU Salt Lake Center
May 2nd – May 4th

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Secure Programming:
Developing Defensible Web Apps

Language Agnostic

Hands-On Labs

CPE Credits

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Course Overview

This is the “must-have” course for all developers. Cyber security can no longer be an afterthought but must be integrated into every part of a developer’s process to ensure successful software and code development.


Developers will learn how to identify vulnerabilities and code flaws as well as how to correct the underlying issues. Each student will take on the role of an attacker and see the security of their environment from the outside. As vulnerabilities and flaws arise, the student moves into demonstrating how the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) provides developers with the tools to successfully develop applications that are difficult or impossible to hack.


This is a hands-on lab based course that provides skill enhancement through hands-on teaching so knowledge is not just heard but really learned. Developers have a chance to see for themselves how attackers think and how the framework protects the application, as well as where the framework falls short.


This course also satisfies section 6.5 of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) as well as the new NIST 800-171 cybersecurity directives.

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