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Our Mission

Stronger International offers high-quality, customized, information technology training and services worldwide.

Partnering with our clients, we empower organizations to create stronger, more efficient, and more secure cultures.

Who we are and what we do.

At Stronger International, we provide expert consulting, onsite, live-remote, and cloud based virtual training to organizations and individuals who want to enhance their IT security and increase their overall IT knowledge. Our consultants and trainers work with clients of all sizes in the public and private sector to help identify, prevent and remediate against all forms of cyber crime. We also teach basic skills enhancement and compliance training to increase your organization’s knowledge asset value. When it comes to protecting your company, there’s no such thing as safe enough. In a world where damaging cyber crime is committed every two seconds, it’s not a question of if you will be attacked, only when. 

Remember, risking your data is risking your business.

How we got started.

Stronger International got its start in 2006 under its original name, IT Training Solutions.  The company was founded to satisfy a growing need for corporate IT training. Of course, this was before the new threat of state sponsored cyber crime burst on the International scene and the company adapted to meet a new and unprecedented demand for security awareness and cyber crime prevention. Under the visionary leadership of CEO Heather Stratford, the company grew quickly into what is today an internationally respected provider of sensitive, high-risk, cyber security consulting, corporate training and cloud-based educational programs for corporations, education institutions and government/military organizations.

Ever Stronger.

Riding the wave of almost daily reports in the international press of breaches, identity theft and state sponsored cyber terrorism, we are working every day to continuously innovate to stay one step ahead of an increasingly sophisticated set of rogue actors. Most recently, we have strengthened our client service organization with a new US and EU based sales staff. The company is also in the midst of a multi-year roadmap of product creation focused on meeting an ever increasing demand for our expertise.

Accordingly, we have strengthened our consulting services and increased our training programs and faculty to include over 300 different courses across onsite, live-remote and cloud based virtual training in every aspect of IT from security awareness to multi-disciplinary skills enhancement. We have also greatly strengthened our government, DoD and military consulting and training credentials adding the coveted Mile2 certification to our long list of professional accreditation.

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