Project Manager Certification for Cybersecurity Professionals

5 Reasons to Get Certified as a Project Manager

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It’s becoming more common these days to see PMP certification listed as an attribute on résumés. Standing for “Project Management Professional,” PMP certification is earned through the Project Management Institute according to a number of requirements. And although there are other certifications and certifying bodies, certification as a Project Manager is in demand.  Here are five reasons why should people seeking jobs in tech or cybersecurity should also consider certification as project managers.


1 – Competitive Salaries

In the simplest terms, certification as a project manager can lead to a higher salary. Data from Northeastern listed a $112,000 median salary for project managers in the U.S. just last year, and while the specific number can vary from one job to the next, it’s understandable that this is an attractive number to a lot of prospective employees. It means that someone certified as a project manager can feel justified in seeking out related jobs in that salary range. Then again, adding the certification to a résumé can also lead to more competitive offers for other jobs as well.


2 – Meeting Demand

There’s a high demand for project managers. The Balance’s list of industries hiring for the position includes engineering, financial services, healthcare, and information technology — demonstrating that PMP certification is valued in some of the busiest and most exciting job markets in the world. Increasing demand in these interesting, active industries provides even greater incentive for job seekers to explore certification.


3 – Trusted With Security Work

In information technology, and the other industries listed above, cybersecurity is of the utmost importance. Specifically, transitioning to new cybersecurity systems or implementing new practices often calls for a skilled project manager. Companies today are continually striving to ensure they’re as well protected as they can be, which means that cybersecurity is also an ongoing need, rather than a one-time concern. This is another way of speaking to the demand for PMP-certified applicants. Those with the certification can be trusted with organizing and prioritizing the innumerable security tasks companies deal with today.


4 – Trusted With Data

Similar to being trusted with the implementation of cybersecurity, a certified project manager can also meet needs relating to data management — another significant concern across industries. Today, data management can refer to the most minute technical details or the broadest, most basic business practices. Many companies rely on data collection primarily to keep tabs on their online performance and marketing efforts. Ultimately, data collection and analysis benefit from PMP-certified applicants.


5 – Demonstrating Drive & Capability

Finally, there’s also the personal nature of PMP certification to consider. Simply put, an applicant who goes to the trouble of obtaining a certification of this sort — and developing the relevant skills to deserve one — demonstrates personal drive and capability that companies of all kinds both value and profit from.


There are many reasons to choose a certification. Deciding to become a certified project manager will open doors, demonstrate the ability to organize and manage time as well as multiple projects, and equip you the tools to be a better cybersecurity professional.


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